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How to Get Apple Student Discount: Easily Explained

How to get apple student discount
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If you are interested to explore how to get apple student discount here is what you need to know. Apple offers a student discount on its products for students who are enrolled in eligible educational institutions. The discounts vary depending on the product, but can be as much as 10-15% off the regular price.

To take advantage of the student discount, you will need to provide proof of enrollment. This can be done by providing a valid student ID or other documentation from your school.

You can also verify your eligibility by providing your .edu email address. Once you have verified your eligibility, you can purchase Apple products at a discounted price directly from Apple’s online store or through one of its authorized resellers. You can also get convenient apple coupon codes and offers from websites.

Verify your eligibility: what you need to qualify

If you’re in college or high school, you can get a discount on Apple products. Here’s how to verify your eligibility and what you need to qualify:

First, go to the Apple Education Store and select the country or region where you live. Next, click Get started under Students & Educators. Then, enter your name, email address, and school name. After that, click Verify eligibility.

If your school is eligible, it will show up in the list of schools. If not, you can still get a discount on Apple products by buying them from an authorized reseller. To find an authorized reseller near you, go to the Apple Store locator and select your country or region.

What Does Apple Student Discount Get You?

Besides how to get an apple student discount you should know what are they giving you. Apple student discount is a great way to save money on Apple products. To get the discount, you need to be a student and have a .edu email address. The discount gives students up to $200 off a new Mac and $30 off a new iPad.

The discount is available for students who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs at accredited universities in the United States. Students can also get a discount if they are homeschooled in the United States or are participating in a study-abroad program that is approved by their school.

To get the Apple student discount, you need to create an Apple ID and verify your .edu email address. You can then use your Apple ID to buy products from the Apple Store online or in stores.

Steps on How to Get Apple Student Discount

The community Apple store offers enough savings to your financial balance that you can splurge more through that store. Purchasing your desired gadgets from your education store using your regular Apple account information will allow you to save easily.

Follow Given steps to get Apple Student Discount:

Step 1: Open the Apple Education Store.

Step 2: If your website prompts you to confirm your status through Unidays, click Get Verified with Unidays (open a Unidays account if needed) and confirm your account or sign in. From then, you’ll be returned to this page.

Step 3: Choose the product category that you’re interested in.

Step 4: Choose your preferred product and then click “Select”.

Step 5: Select the choices that interest you, then press Add to Bag.

Step 6: Select “Review Bag” and then choose “Check Out” option.

Step 7: Select your delivery method, enter your payment information, and complete the payment process normally.

Who is eligible for Apple student discount?

If you are a student, you are likely eligible for an Apple student discount.

To get the discount, you need to have a .edu email address or be able to provide other proof of enrollment. The discount can be applied to Macs, iPads, and other Apple products. Be sure to check the Apple website for more information on how to get the student discount.


To get the apple student discount, you need to be a part of the Apple Student Program. It’s free to join and you can get discounts on Macs, iPads, and other Apple products. Now as you know how to get apple student discount just visit the Apple website and sign up today. Thanks for reading!